FiSHy - Blowfish encryption for Colloquy

FiSHy is a plugin for Colloquy, providing Blowfish encryption support. You can encrypt messages you send to chat rooms or queries, and decrypt incoming messages. It also supports automatic Diffie-Hellmann key-exchanges for queries, so you can share channel-keys securely.

It fits nicely in the OS X ecosystem by saving keys in the Keychain and by using a simple Drag'n'Drop install. It is compatible with FiSH, mIRCryption and Dirt.

FiSHy uses the Blowfish and Key-Exchange engine from Dirt, an encrypting IRC proxy. So if FiSHy doesn't work for you, or you want to use another client, please check out Dirt.

You need OS X 10.4 and the latest Colloquy version to use this.

For installation and usage instructions, please refer to the README contained in the downloaded Disk Image.

Download Project Page

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